Chris Strickland Kicks Off Sheriff Campaign

St Augustine, FL––
Law enforcement veteran and Republican Chris Strickland has devoted over 30 years of his life working in and alongside the St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office, and at long last confirmed speculation that he would run for Sheriff when he became the first to file his candidacy for the upcoming 2020 election. 

Establishing his campaign on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, Strickland exemplifies what it means to appreciate the work and sacrifice made by those serving in law enforcement. Having been involved with the Sheriff’s office as a member of the Sheriff’s Explorer Post at age 14, he became a hired member of the office at age 19. From the day he became a Field Training Officer at age 22, Strickland has had a meteoric rise through the ranks as he then rose to Detective, to Sergeant, to Lieutenant, to Commander. Strickland was then promoted past the rank of chief to become the Director of the Office of the Sheriff. 

Serving as Sheriff in St. John’s County has been a longtime goal of Strickland’s, as St. John’s County is his home. The opportunity to serve his community and provide them with a safe and well protected environment that can easily and readily adapt to growth is one that he places a high value. 

I’ve had opportunities to work for the state of Florida and federal government, but because I knew that being the Sheriff was my goal, I stayed right here in this county with this office.”

Chris Strickland

Strickland has a passion for leadership and defines a true leader as someone who works to enable effectiveness for those around them, as well as serving other’s needs before their own; an example of which can be seen in his acceptance of two Exceptional Service Awards as well as a Lifesaving Award and many other letters of commendation. 

He served as an instructor at the St. Augustine Law Enforcement Academy for 7 years where he trained over 2,000 recruits and in-service personnel. A member of the Response to Resistance Board and Oral Review Board, he specialized in officer survival, defensive tactics, and firearm instruction. Strickland also was a member of the S.W.A.T. team and served as a member of the 

Green Halo unit, a street crimes unit for the Sheriff’s Office that concentrated on high drug areas. Additionally, he rewrote the hurricane response manual during his tenure as lieutenant.

Strickland hopes to bring a revitalized energy to the Sheriff’s office as well as a new sense of direction and purpose. Most notably, he is focused on adding experience and an office structured on accountability. With years of service and involvement in the office and local law enforcement, he believes he is the best man to properly outfit the operational, financial and administrative needs of the office.

We will put the most qualified personnel in these critical positions to protect the community’s best interests.”

Chris Strickland

Among his many contributions to the community, Strickland has also been a registered member of the Wounded Warrior Project since 2012. He is a member of the Elks Lodge as well as an active member of Turning Point Baptist Church. He is a Shriner and he and his wife of 15 years, Tammy, donate frequently to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Chris is also a lifetime member of the NRA and actively participates in the St. Augustine Rod and Gun Club as well as the St. Augustine Boating Club.

Strickland was offered a scholarship to the St. Augustine Law Enforcement Academy and attended immediately following high school. He graduated command school at the Georgia Law Enforcement Command College in Columbus, Georgia. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from Flagler College and would later return to Columbus to earn a master’s degree in Public Administration with a major in Justice Administration from Columbus State University.

The kickoff event for Strickland’s campaign took place at Molasses Junction in St. Augustine, and featured a performance by the local up and coming country music star Billy Glisson. The event was attended by hundreds, some of whom were unable to get into to the building, which was at capacity. Guests outside were still able to hear the music, and were welcomed by Strickland regardless. He made sure to speak with every person that came to hear about his campaign for St. Johns County Sheriff.